Pre Purchase Inspection

The decision to purchase a pre-owned Turboprop or Jet aircraft is a multimillion dollar one, which is best supported by aviation professionals.

An in-depth Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) at an authorized service center is the only way to minimize potential risks. Beechcraft Berlin Aviation (BBA) offer all levels of Pre-Purchase Inspections, providing you with all the necessary information on the technical condition and history of your chosen aircraft, and allowing you to make an informed decision regarding the true value and technical status of your chosen aircraft.

The PPI process:

  • As the aircraft prospective buyer you order a PPI (including inspection scope) at a maintenance center of your choice. BBA professionals recommend selecting an authorized service center (ASC) that specializes in the specific aircraft type – an ASC will know the aircraft and what typical issues they should watch out for.
  • According to the PPI scope and the size and age of the aircraft, the ASC will need up to 14 days to complete the inspection and present a list of findings. These should include airworthiness, non-airworthiness and cosmetic findings, presented to both the prospective buyer and the aircraft owner (seller).
  • Seller and buyer should agree who will take responsibility for rectifying the findings. All items relating to the aircrafts airworthiness will normally be paid for by the seller. All other findings can be negotiated by the parties.
  • Best case scenario: After a thorough PPI, all findings are rectified and you, the prospective buyer, will enjoy your new aircraft with the peace of mind knowing it is safe, absolutely airworthy and that you will not be hit with unexpected expenses in the near future.
  • Worst case scenario: The results of the PPI are not satisfactory, and your decision, based on the findings, is not to purchase the aircraft. On the other hand, the inspection will have saved you significant expenses in the future.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how you can best move forward and protect your interests.

The following items should be part of a pre buy inspection:

  • Full maintenance documentation (e.g. open ADs, SBs) and history check of the aircraft (Damage History if applicable)
  • Airframe check, where all critical parts and areas of the airframe are looked at
    • Phase 1-4 with King Air´s
    • B inspection with a Hawker
    • 200 hour inspection with a Premier I
  • Engine/APU check, either by boroscope or split of the engines
  • Full avionics check
  • System flight-check
  • Interior, Exterior and cosmetic check