Ongoing checks – as many as required, as fast as possible

As an approved CAMO(+)*- Beechcraft Berlin Aviation (BBA) are trusted by their customers to manage and ensure the continuing airworthiness of their aircraft. BBA are authorized to manage the continuing airworthiness for non-commercial aircraft as well as conduct airworthiness reviews for commercial and non-commercial aircraft in accordance with their scope of approval.
* Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization – CAMO approval in accordance with Part-M Subpart G with privileges according to Subpart I

Because Timing is Everything

BBA deliver optimized maintenance schedules that are based on years of experience and are created specifically for your aircraft:

  • Ensuring a minimum number of maintenance stops
  • Optimal preparation and organization for reduced aircraft down time and costs.

Working with CAMP (Continuous Airworthiness Management Program), a renowned and reliable software program, BBA provide comprehensive tracking of your aircraft’s maintenance events. This allows their team to perform all the necessary work on time, coordinate scheduled maintenance with the operation of your aircraft and create as little disruption to your flight schedule as possible.

Send BBA your complete flight time and cycles on a regular basis and they will schedule maintenance appointments around your business needs, ensuring optimal turnaround times. Call or send in your flight data.

  • Telephone: +49 30 6341 18 – 74
  • Email: