Professional maintenance pays off!

When it comes to servicing your aircraft, Beechcraft Berlin Aviation (BBA) is one of the world?s largest MRO centers for King Air, Hawker and Premier aircraft, they also service Cessna Jets and Piper Cheyenne. So, it goes without saying that they follow all of the manufacturer?s maintenance guidelines and complete all Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins. And you don?t have to worry about settling accounts for repairs made to your aircraft under warranty; they take care of everything for you!

As a Beechcraft Authorized Service Center, BBA perform all maintenance work covered under Beechcraft?s warranty and Beechcraft?s Support Plus maintenance programs.

Aircraft maintained by BBA (Line & Base maintenance with accordant engines and avionic)

Type Rating Models Engine Avionic
Beechcraft corp.
BAe 125 Series 700/800 HS 125 Series 700A Honeywell TFE 731 Rockwell Collins (RC) Proline 2
HS 125 Series 700B
BAe 125 Series 800A
BAe 125 Series 800B
Hawker 800
BAe 125 Series 750/800XP/850XP/900XP Hawker 750 Honeywell TFE 731 RC Proline 21
Hawker 800XP RC Proline 2/Honeywell
Hawker 850XP RC Proline 2/Honeywell
Hawker 900XP RC Proline 21
Beech 1900 1900 Pratt & Whittney Canada (PWC) PT6 Various
1900DC RC Proline 2
1900DW Wet Wing RC Proline 2
1900D RC Proline 2
Beech 300 Series (King Air 300) 300 PWC PT6 Sperry or RC Proline 2
B300 RC Proline 2 or 21
B300C RC Proline 2 or 21
B300LW RC Proline 2 or 21
Beech 200 Series (King Air 200) 200 PWC PT6 Sperry or RC Proline 2
200C RC Proline 2 or 21
B200 RC Proline 2 or 21
B200C RC Proline 2 or 21
B200CGT RC Proline 21
B200GT RC Proline 21
Beech 90 Series (King Air C90) 65-90 PWC PT 6 Various
65-A90 Various
B90 Various
C90 Sperry / Bendix King
C90A RC Proline 2
C90GT RC Proline 21
C90GTI RC Proline 21
E90 Sperry / Bendix King
F90 Sperry / Bendix King
Beech 390 (Premier I/IA) 390 Williams FJ44 RC Proline 21
Beech 400 Beechjet 400A PWC JT15 RC Proline 4
Beech 58TC 58TC Continental Bendix King / Garmin
Beech 58P 58P Continental Bendix King / Garmin
Beech 58 Series 58 Continental Bendix King / Garmin
G 58 Garmin 1000
Beech 36 Series G36 Continental Garmin 1000
Beech 33 Series E 33 Continental Bendix King / Garmin
E 33C Bendix King / Garmin
F 33A Bendix King / Garmin
F 33C Bendix King / Garmin
Piper Aircraft Inc.
Piper PA-31T Series PA-31T PWC PT6 Bendix King / Garmin
PA-31T1 Bendix King / Garmin
PA-31T2 Bendix King / Garmin
Piper PA-42 PA-42 PWC PT6 Bendix King / Garmin
PA-42-720 Bendix King / Garmin

BBA services include:

  • Line & Base maintenance
  • Routine inspections? (A to G)
  • Structural inspections (visual and NDT)
  • Out of Phase inspections
  • Engine and APU replacements / inspections
  • Corrosion prevention and treatment
  • Structural repairs
  • Avionic inspections
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • 24-hour worldwide AOG service / maintenance unit
  • Comprehensive maintenance tracking
  • Major warranty programs
  • Airworthiness reviews (commercial and non-commercial aircraft)
  • Hawker 48 month and structural inspections

A team of technicians is ready to help you with routine checks and AOG inquiries.