Benefit from our knowledge as a design organization!

Beechcraft Berlin Aviation GmbH (BBA) has been an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approved Part-21 Design Organization for many years, with an EASA.21J.231 approval, which encompasses authorization for Minor and Major Changes (STC’s) and repairs for various modifications, on all aircraft types.

Subsequently, our EASA.21J.231 Design Organization publishes its own notices, as well as official notices (SB), regarding “Minor and Major Changes” or STC’s developed by us.


EASA STCs that have been developed by Beechcraft Berlin Aviation:

Weather research application

BBA has modified a King Air C90GTi turning it into an airborn laboratory for atmospheric enviromental reseach missions, including Hawkeye and CAPS probe and a Laser Scanning System.

PDF download: EASA STC 10042830

Installation of a Flight Inspection System in a King Air 300

BBA has modified a King Air 300 for flight inspection purposes. Inatalling a UNIFIS 300 system, supplied by Norwegian Special Mission, the system consists of 14 antennas, a Flight Inspection Operator Console, Flight Inspection Data Analysis Rack, laser altimeter, camera, inertial reference unit and a Course Direction Inidicator.

PDF download: EASA STC 10043630

Installation of a cloud research and seeding system

BBA has modified a King Air 200 turning it into a cloud research aircraft complete with seeding system, and including cloud research probes delivered by Droplet Measurement Technologies. In addition, flare racks have been installed to release condensation nucleis into the clouds and the cabin has been equipped with operator and equipment racks.

PDF download: EASA STC 10014250


Further developments, tailored to customer requests

Modular concept for sensor mounting on aircraft wing tips

BBA has developed a modular concept that enables the King Air series and virtually all other aircraft types to carry any type of sensor or measuring equipment on its wing tip; along with accordant EASA STC approvals. The concept involves a doubler, to reinforce the wing structure, and install the fixations points and pylon, which can easily be modified to any required footprint and length.

PDF download: Modular mounting concept

Customizable Equipment Rack for Special Mission applications

BBA has developed a customizable concept for the integration of equipment racks into the cabin of the King Air series.

PDF download: Equipment rack concept