At BBA our fascination and passion for flying is our drive

To grow and work efficiently in the long term, in a sector as dynamic as aviation, you need a strong partner and wide ranging expertise. Our team is a growing community of highly dedicated experts, committed to finding the optimal solution for all of your needs and insisting on uncompromisingly high standards.

Many of our team members have been working for the company way above 10 years, it is their personal dedication combined with cross-departmental teamwork that makes our work fast, efficient and precise – assuring that time on the ground is as long as required, but as short as possible.

From management to engineering and administration, we all work hand in hand to make sure your aircraft is safe for take off as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to contact any of us directly:

Customer Service

Elena Engeldinger
Customer Lounge Service
Phone: +49 30 6341 18 – 10

Elke Scheib
Customer Service Representative
Phone:?+49 30 6341 18 – 61
Mob: + 49 151 628 61923


Rolf Käselau
Managing Director
Phone: +49 30 6341 18 – 10

MRO Sales

Jörn Gehrig
MRO Sales Director
Phone: +49 152 043638 – 10

Special Mission

Koray Kosar
Sales Director Special Mission Applications
Phone: +49 174 21 92 019

Service Center Management

Tobias Hoffmann
Service Center Manager
Phone: +49 30 6341 18 – 55


Stefan Körber
Head of CAMO
Phone: +49 30 6341 18 – 74

Parts & Purchase

Funda Boncukoglu
Head of Purchasing
Tel: +49 30 6341 18 – 44