Maintenance AOG

Emergency assistance 24/7. Call: +49 30 6341 18-0 | Mailto:

With years of service experience the highly skilled team of technicians at Beechcraft Berlin Aviation (BBA) have seen, worked on and solved every issue and problem, on a wide variety of aircraft. BBA´s mobile AOG service is available around the clock – arriving anywhere in the world, at your request!

Just call the 24/7 hotline and they´ll fly over to you.

Emergency Assistance

BBA´s aim is to fix the problem on the spot – A 5-Point Plan helps to achieve just that. Insuring you´re safely off the ground and in the air as quickly as possible.

Upon receipt of your call BBA initiate:

  1. Targeted diagnostics by phone with our AOG specialists
  2. Immediate initiation of a detailed action plan
  3. Collection of spare parts – from our warehouse
  4. Acquistition of spare parts from OEM or other supplier – as required
  5. Dispatch of experienced technicians directly to your aircraft

BBA´s AOG team is made up of the very best technicians and logistics professionals, experienced in dealing with any unforeseen complication and committed to getting you back in the air quickly and with minimal inconvenience.