Maintenance Part 145

Servicing, repairing and overhauling aircraft for more than 30 years, BBA is one of the leading service facilities in Germany and Europe.

As per the approvals of EASA Part 145 maintenance organization and FAA-Repair Station; BBA services both private and corporate aircraft, performing hundreds of maintenance jobs each year with vast experience and uncompromising standards.

Supported Aircraft Types
  • Gulfstream GII | GIII | GIV | GV | GVI |G280
  • Hawker 750 | 800XP | 850XP | 900XP
  • Bae 700 | 800
  • Beech 1900 | 390
  • King Air C90 | B200/250 | B300/350
  • Baron 58TC | 58P | 58 series
  • Bonanza 36 series
  • Line & Base maintenance
  • Routine inspections (A to G)
  • Structural inspections (visual and NDT)
  • Out of Phase inspections
  • Engine and APU replacements / inspections
  • Borescope inspection and reconditioning of engines and auxiliary power units (APU)
  • Corrosion prevention and treatment
  • Inspection and exchange of life-limited parts
  • Structural modifications and repairs
  • Full avionics service, including inspections and upgrades
  • Interior and exterior cleaning/Cosmetics
  • Complete cabin refurbishment and redesign
  • Composite and sheet-metal work
  • Comprehensive maintenance tracking
  • Interior and Exterior modification installations
  • Painting service from partial repairs to full repainting
  • Major warranty programs
  • Airworthiness reviews (commercial and non-commercial aircraft)
  • 24-hour worldwide AOG emergency assistance / failure analysis
  • Pre-purchase inspections (PPI) and change of aircraft registration (import or export)

Maintenance AOG: Emergency assistance 24/7

With years of service experience the highly skilled team of technicians at BBA have seen, worked on and solved every issue and problem, on a wide variety of aircraft. BBA´s mobile AOG service is available around the clock – arriving anywhere in the world, at your request!

BBA´s aim is to fix the problem on the spot – A 5-Point Plan helps to achieve just that. Insuring you´re safely off the ground and in the air as quickly as possible.

Upon receipt of your call, BBA initiates:

Targeted diagnostics by phone with our AOG specialists

Immediate initiation of a detailed action plan

Collection of spare parts – from our warehouse

Acquisition of spare parts from OEM or another supplier – as required

Dispatch of experienced technicians directly to your aircraft

BBA’s AOG team is made up of the very best technicians and logistics professionals, experienced in dealing with any unforeseen complication and committed to getting you back in the air quickly and with minimal inconvenience.

Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)

The decision to purchase a pre-owned Turboprop or Jet aircraft is a multimillion dollar one, which is best supported by aviation professionals.

An in-depth Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) at an authorized service center is the only way to minimize potential risks. BBA offers all levels of Pre-Purchase Inspections, providing you with all the necessary information on the technical condition and history of your chosen aircraft, and allowing you to make an informed decision regarding the true value and technical status of your chosen aircraft.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how you can best move forward and protect your interests.

Pre-Purchase-Inspection by BBA
The PPI process:
  • As the aircraft prospective buyer, you order a PPI (including inspection scope) at a maintenance center of your choice. BBA professionals recommend selecting an authorized service center (ASC) that specializes in the specific aircraft type – an ASC will know the aircraft and what typical issues they should watch out for.

  • According to the PPI scope and the size and age of the aircraft, the ASC will need up to 14 days to complete the inspection and present a list of findings. These should include airworthiness, non-airworthiness and cosmetic findings, presented to both the prospective buyer and the aircraft owner (seller).

  • Seller and buyer should agree who will take responsibility for rectifying the findings. All items relating to the aircraft’s airworthiness will normally be paid for by the seller. All other findings can be negotiated by the parties.

  • Best case scenario: After a thorough PPI, all findings are rectified and you, the prospective buyer, will enjoy your new aircraft with the peace of mind knowing it is safe, absolutely airworthy and that you will not be hit with unexpected expenses in the near future.

  • Worst case scenario: The results of the PPI are not satisfactory, and your decision, based on the findings, is not to purchase the aircraft. On the other hand, the inspection will have saved you significant expenses in the future.