Part 21 Special Mission

BBA is an EASA approved Part-21 Design Organization, with an EASA.21J.231 approval, which encompasses authorization for Minor and Major Changes (STC’s) and repairs for various modifications, on all aircraft types.

  • Years of experience working on complex aircraft projects
  • Vast global experience
  • Wide-ranging know-how in the selection, assessment and procurement of hardware and equipment
  • Access to a wide range of sensor systems from a variety of suppliers (including alternatives without ITAR/EAR restrictions)
  • Support with the issue of government export licenses
  • 1 stop shop capability via its own Part 145 MOA
  • Outstanding logistic abilities
  • Excellent interface management
Scope of Engineering Abilities and Work
  • Aerodynamics and loads analysis and design
  • Electrical design, including avionics and mission requirement modifications / upgrades
  • Flight Mechanics and Control
  • System Safety Assessment (FHA/SSA/FTHA)
  • Structural analysis and design, having full capability in primary structures and pressurized aircraft
  • Flight Test Organization up to Cat. 1 for aircraft
  • Cabin Safety and Interior design, reconfiguration and modification
  • Flying test bed conversion for new engine development
  • Customized equipment and tooling design
  • Validation of Non-EASA Modifications, STCs and TSOs
  • Internal & External Placards and Livery change

Special Mission Aircraft Conversion Major Applications

BBA Part 21 Design Organization team will realize your unique idea providing you with complete security that all safety and reliability aspects are well covered. BBA will also take care of the maintenance of your new and more complex systems provide guidance and support no matter how big or small the aircraft alteration is.

Air Ambulance | MEDEVAC: Equipped for every emergency

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We modify jets and turboprop aircraft with all the technical equipment required to create a flying ambulance – either equipped with a fully dedicated interior or with a quick-change option allowing dual use of aircraft.

For the transport of highly contagious patients; BBA engineering also includes cabin space arrangement, isolator installation, cabin climate control with HEPA filtration, power and good lighting, as well as the isolation of the aircraft crew, which are central to ensuring that patients are transported quickly and safely.

ISR – Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance

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BBA has substantial experience in integration of surveillance and reconnaissance special mission sensors such as EO/IR, Surveillance Radar, Datalink, Satellite Communication, and SIGINT.

Moreover, as an authorized Textron Service Center, we possess expert knowledge of the most preferred ISR platform – the King Air.

Flight Inspection, Calibration and Validation

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A Flight Inspection Systems (FIS) aircraft mainly inspects and calibrates periodically the navigational aids, flight procedures (such as routes, approaches and departures) and electronic signals, to ensure they are sufficient, safe and accurate. They are a long-term investment and are characterized by high reliability, efficiency, and precision in the collection and transmission of data.

BBA offers Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) or airport service providers a variety of calibration systems, together with the installation of proven, cutting-edge technology and complete maintenance and upkeep services.

Weather Monitoring & Modification | Cloud Research & Seeding

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This type of missionized aircraft for weather monitoring uses highly sensitive instruments installed on the aircraft to deliver usable data to the computers inside the cabin. Through a direct connection to a weather radar system located on the ground, the aircraft is directed to a suitable band of clouds. A Cloud Research & Seeding aircraft type is also one of the effective ways in reducing hail damage and enhancing growing season rainfall in the targeted agricultural areas.

A cloud research aircraft with seeding system is typically equipped with (i) hard points to carry special cloud research probes, (ii) flare racks under/on each wing support to release condensation nucleis into the clouds, (iii) operator and equipment racks inside the cabin.

BBA is ready to tailor your mission requirements, by using his existing cloud seeding STC as a guideline.

Digital Mapping & Photography

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Complex photographic equipment can be installed under the wing or fuselage in your aircraft to meet the most demanding photography and mapping requirements. BBA also provides maintenance and upkeep of the aircraft’s sensitive measurement instruments.

Test Bed Aircraft

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In development of new aircraft sub-systems or airborne sensors, BBA supports OEMs with required testbed aircraft conversion for flight testing, before certification. By this way, the equipment or system or the aircraft concept can be tested in real flight conditions.

BBA’s Flying Test Bed conversion for a new turbo prop engine with digital engine and propeller control, requiring heavy structural and avionics modification. The platform flies with 2 different engines, and fully monitors all engine activity in real time.

Customized Solutions

BBA is ready to provide with a custom aircraft solution that fits your unique operation. Beginning with concept development – whether you need customization for the interior, structure or systems – BBA will bring a complete turn-key aircraft solution; including detail design, kit manufacture and airworthiness approval

List of Potential End-Users

Air Ambulance Service Providers, Ministry of Health, Hospitals

Air Force, Navy, Homeland Security, Police, Border Guard, Search and Rescue Agencies or Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies, State Procurement Offices

Civil Aviation Authority, General Directorate of Aviation, Airport Service Providers

Oil & Gas companies, Universities, Directorate of Forestry, Agriculture, Fishery etc., Ministry of Infrastructure, Mining etc.; General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply, Private Companies for Navigation and Mapping (like Google, Yandex, Tomtom or peripherals etc.)

Meteorology and Environmental Institutions, Universities, Private Service Providers

Aerospace and Defense OEMs

Presidency of State, CEOs – Private Enterprises